Fossil record dating assumptions

The explanation of patterns in global biodiversity and taxonomic rates in the fossil record is one of the major challenges in evolutionary biology. Previous research has focused mainly on identifying (i) main trends and their consistency with alternative models of.

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Time series (see electronic supplementary material for dataset and explanatory text) were transformed (log or square root as appropriate, and detrended to remove long-term patterns (see table 1 in the electronic supplementary material).

Fossil record dating assumptions

1 This supposed mass extinction, sometimes called The Great Dying, is said to have happened over the course of 15 million years (or 200,000 years, depending on which evolutionist you ask!) and is said to have decimated shallow-water marine invertebrates.

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Fossil record dating assumptions

All these datasets were rescaled, as above for the Sepkoski data. The temperature and CO2 data consist of estimates at 10Myr intervals and to provide richness and rate data at the same intervals we used the diversity and taxonomic rates.

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